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Lauren Sonnen 


Lauren has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from The University of Central Florida and a Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences from East Carolina University. Over the last 22 years she has worked as a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer training both professional and collegiate athletes, as well as worked in the corporate, commercial and clinical world.  Among these are Kennedy Space Center, Rippe Lifesytle Institute, The University of Central Florida, Rich Lansky's Optimum Performance Training Inc., and NYStrength. She owned and operated a successful personal training business (L-Fit Personal Training) for 5 years, that she sold to Studio South Fitness in May 2012. Lauren is board certified in Exercise Physiology, is a Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS 1 and 2) from Egoscue University, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) and Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach (RSCC) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), USA Weightlifting Club Coach and Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Functional Movement Certified (FMS 1 and 2), and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (CFNS).

​Lauren was a track and field athlete in high school competing in 300m hurdles, both 4x400m and 4x800m relays, and the 400m (still holding the record in the 300m hurdles). Her high school accomplishments were placing 1st in the District and 3rd in the State in the 300m hurdles. She went to East Carolina on a track and field scholarship, competing in the hepthalon, 400m hurdles, 4x800m relay, and cross country.  Her best collegiate accomplishments were 3rd in the conference in the hepthalon and going to the ECAC's in the 4x800m relay.  Lauren then took up Olympic Weightlifting in

graduate school while learning how to coach athletes.  She placed 3rd in the snatch at the American Open in 2005 and 3rd overall at Nationals in 2005.

Over the past several years her passion changed to specialize in posture alignment through the Egoscue Method.  She had found pain relief in her own journey through Egoscue and continues to incorporate a menu into her daily regime.  This gives her the ability to continue to compete in CrossFit as well as coach it.

Lauren believes our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. She has had my fair share of sports injuries... knee, hip, and shoulder pain and knows what it is like to be told “your body isn’t designed to do something." Finding The Egoscue Method® of Exercise Therapy gave her the tools to get herself pain free and back to living an active and fulfilling life.... and now she want to teach you to have the same!

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