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Why do you need as assessment?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Why would you do a posture assessment prior to working out? What does it matter what my posture is like before I go to a class or even do any strength training workout? Did you know that if your posture violates a horizontal or vertical plane, you are more than likely compensating (moving muscles that pull on bones, using the wrong muscles to do the job). Maybe you don't have pain... YET, but the more you stress or move while having deviations (what it's called when violating these horizontal or vertical movements), more risk you have for moving muscles and bones the wrong way or compensating. How do I get my posture checked? Glad you asked. As a postural analysis specialist, I take pictures of you and watch you move functionally, then put your deviations on a stick diagram so you can see what I'm seeing going on in your body. I would set up a menu of corrective exercises for you to do prior to any other workout and check back with you every 2 weeks to re-assess and see the changes and change your menu of exercises. Above is an example of a corrective menu.

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