‚ÄčLauren has changed my husband's and my life. She helped me get strong for our wedding day and recently helped keep me stay strong and without pain during my pregnancy. Once I finaliy convinced my husband to work with me he found himself free of back pain and taking pain medication. Lauren is extremely knowledgeable and motivational. She provides you a holistic approach to working on exercise, and your mental strength/confidence as well. If you want to feel good inside and out I recommend Lauren without hesitation.

Christina C.


Lauren is as talented as a coach, as she is as an athlete. That is impressive and something to look for in a fitness coach. She has the ability to demonstrate anything she asks you to do and finds a way to get you to achieve more. That says a lot in her profession. Lauren has such a passion for fitness and she has backed it up with certifications and education. This allows her to modify any element that meets the clients capabilities and fitness level. Working with Lauren has taken my fitness to the next level! Thanks Lauren.



Lauren is excellent. In addition to evaluating the specific needs of her clients, she tailors the exercises to improve strength, flexibility and balance. The method is thoughtful and provide enough of a challenge to keep things interesting.  It has been a pleasure to work with her and I am reaching some of the highest levels of fitness I have ever experienced.

D. G.


Lauren is passionate and dedicated to her clients. She creates personalized programs to incroporate into your daily life.  It has help me become pain free so I could go back to running, which I love.  It was a difficult decision to financially invest in posture alignment but, I got a lot more than I paid for! Although the work was mine, through her encouragement, knowledge and kindness, I was able to recover my self esteem. Lauren goes beyond the client-trainer, in-clinic relationship; her dedication is commendable. I am forever grateful to her.

Alexandra B.


Since working with Lauren, my results have been better than I was even hoping for. I'm healthier and more energetic. Because she does an initial physical assessment, she was able to help me correct for some of my compensations that I've been using for years due to old injuries. 

But the results aren't the only reason I go to see her. She's fun to work out with, keeps me motivated and makes the entire process very comfortable.

Eric B.


After a long recovery after my hip injury, I’d like to thank Lauren for helping me gain my confidence back with posture conditioning techniques. Truly remarkable!
Today was a huge milestone running my first 5k after a long and very patient recovery. Thank you all for the unwaivering support, good vibes, and love! 

Michelle B.


OMG! The routine calmed down my fibromyalgia and its helping my lower back finally heal.  My strength is coming back! You have an amazing gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't wait for the next step.

Shelley K.