Re-Align Exercise Therapy:

What is Re-alignment Therapy?  It is not Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, or Chiropractic.  However, it works synergistically with all disciplines of pre-hab and re-hab.  It's called the Egoscue Method and it's a holistic approach to changing posture through whole body exercise.  When structural or postural muscles' function is compromised, the whole system is affected. 


The human body reacts to the laws of gravity.  Any trauma to the body (falls or sports injuries), chronic postural positions (positions that stay in one spot for a long period of time; e.g. dentists, surgeons, desk jobs), repetitive movement (marathon runners, long distance cyclists), joint replacements, or anyone with lack of movement affect your posture and how your body moves.    


Whether it be that the hip girdle is tilted, or the back is curved, the whole body will compensate (muscles that move bones during movement that is not its job to do) - creating mis-alignments.  These mis-alignments lead to abnormal wear and tear in the joints.  Over time these mis-alignments can cause musculoskeletal breakdowns, including injury and pain.  Mis-alignments can affect performance of other body systems as well (including cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems).  When we locate any mis-alignments or compensations, we will educate you on the findings and prescribe you a menu of exercises to correct any of the found deviations.  Each change the muscles make, receptors send new signals and the central nervous system re-calibrates.


The goal is to identify and eliminate the mis-alignments and compensations, teaching the right muscles to do the jobs they are intended to do. Symptoms or pain are merely the body telling us that something is wrong, like a warning signal. We do not apply treatments to the symptoms or the site of the pain, in fact we ignore the symptom entirely and address compensations and dysfunctions to eliminate the root cause of the pain and change your posture so you can MOVE BETTER!!!!