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What is Re-align Exercise Therapy?  It is not Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, or Chiropractic.  However, it works synergistically with all disciplines of pre-hab and re-hab.  It's called the Egoscue Method and it's a holistic approach to changing posture through whole body exercise.  When structural or postural muscles' function is compromised, the whole system is affected. 


The human body reacts to the laws of gravity.  Any trauma to the body (falls or sports injuries), chronic postural positions (positions that stay in one spot for a long period of time; e.g. dentists, surgeons, desk jobs), repetitive movement (marathon runners, long distance cyclists), joint replacements, or anyone with lack of movement affect your posture and how your body moves.    


Whether it be that the hip girdle is tilted, or the back is curved, the whole body will compensate (muscles that move bones during movement that is not its job to do) - creating mis-alignments.  These mis-alignments lead to abnormal wear and tear in the joints.  Over time these mis-alignments can cause musculoskeletal breakdowns, including injury and pain.  Mis-alignments can affect performance of other body systems as well (including cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems).  When we locate any mis-alignments or compensations, we will educate you on the findings and prescribe you a menu of exercises to correct any of the found deviations.  Each change the muscles make, receptors send new signals and the central nervous system re-calibrates.


The goal is to identify and eliminate the mis-alignments and compensations, teaching the right muscles to do the jobs they are intended to do. Symptoms or pain are merely the body telling us that something is wrong, like a warning signal. We do not apply treatments to the symptoms or the site of the pain, in fact we ignore the symptom entirely and address compensations and dysfunctions to eliminate the root cause of the pain and change your posture so you can MOVE BETTER!!!!

Postural Alignment Therapy focuses on your body as a whole. We treat the underlying cause of your chronic pain and injuries. Many types of chronic pain and injuries are caused by the slow deterioration of your posture and the only way to get complete, long-lasting pain relief is by correcting your postural mis-alignments through exercise therapy. Surgery, manipulation, injections, braces, exercises, and stretches designed to target your symptoms are only going to offer, at best, short term relief because they are doing nothing about correcting the cause of your pain – which is your postural alignment. 


During your appointment you will learn why you hurt, a game plan to get 100% better, and a personalized set of exercises to get you started right away. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you WILL get better. You will meet one-on-one with a Egoscue University certified Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS) and Board Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP) who will truly listen to you, your goals, and your expectations. Then we will formulate a plan to help you achieve them. As a team, you and your therapist will evaluate your posture, gait, and various functional tests to determine the root cause of your pain and limitations. We will have you go through a series of exercises (e-cises), created specifically for you, to start correcting your posture and begin eliminating your pain. You will be sent home with an email or app with pictures, descriptions and videos of your exercises making it easy to continue on your own.  Take a look at what an initial visit looks like.


During each follow-up appointment we will discuss your progress, review your current e-cise menu and then go through any new e-cises that will help you to continue to improve. Each follow-up appointment is essential to your continued progression toward a pain free and active life. Postural changes happen over time and take time to correct. The average client will use about 16 sessions in the first 6 months to get pain free and back to doing the activities and sports they love. The clients who do the best long-term, continue to come in once every 1-3 months after they are pain free.

Lauren's Success Story

In 2005 I rotated my pelvis when I fell under a heavy clean competing at the American Open in Weightlifting. I tried everything to get out of pain. Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy... you name it I tried it. It wasn't until I came in contact with the Egoscue Method. Even then, then pain didn't go away right away... as I was instructed to give it at least two weeks of consistantly doing the exercises daily. I did a menu that took me an hour and a half every day. By week two though the pain was gone right up to the point of doing the menu again the next day. I can't remember when it was completely gone, but I did start competing in CrossFit not soon after. The combination of exercises with the consistency held the adaptation of my pelvis staying in a neutral position which healed itself, and has kept me out of pain to date. 


I would love to help you get out of pain and move better!


Re-Align Exercise Therapy

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