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What will an initial visit will look like?

1. Upon arrival, I will have you fill out some forms for medical history and wellness. This will help me understand your current condition and background history. 2. I will palpate all of your bony landmarks and take static pictures of you and analysis them on a vertical and horizontal grid.

3. We will then do some functional tests and gait analysis (walking barefoot) to confirm what is seen in the static postures. 4. I will analyze and confirm from the above tests and put onto stick figure (called stickies) to easily explain what is going on with your body. (From example, the girl below has an elevated right shoulder an elevated left hip and a supinated left foot.)

5. Here is where I will put all the pieces together and create a menu of exercises to correct all of your deviations. This is where a huge commitment comes from you! We will determine how much time you can commit to the e-cises everyday and come up with a realistic goal. The more you can do the faster you will see the results you want!

6. You will go through a whole menu so you can learn the technique and see how to feel in case we have to make any adjustments. We will reassess with the pictures and functional tests, to show you what just one bout can do.

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